Lein International Corporation is an investment, consultancy, intermediating, property and management company.

While company is relatively young, its Board members and management have over 40 years of experience in international business and capital markets.

Banking, construction, real estate, food production, fruit and vegetable international trade, and education are the company’s’ key sectors.

Lein is open to involvement in different economic areas where its operations would be beneficial in corporative sense, whether that is classical investment or refurbishment of certain businesses.


Lein operates on international level. We work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Austria and Monaco.

Lein International invests mostly in food industry, agriculture, construction, education, and banking sectors.

In some instances, we are engaged in revitalization of companies in trouble, making required repariment and changes and creating a successful business.

With the long - term experience in management, we offer selected management services evaluated on companies requirements.

Our long-term experience in management, along with expertise planning, efficient organization and synergic team collaboration, allows us to achieve selected aims and offer specially tailored services to our clients wherever needed.


Lein International operates in all sectors recognized by its leadership as strategic.

So far, company has recognized an importance of investing in construction industry (especially in road construction), in banking and real estate, in food industry and in education.

We believe that making efforts to achieve improvements in these particular sectors will bring unique strategic value to the countries where we are operating.

Ever since the “Silk road” building roads have a symbolic meaning of sharing and exchange.

They connect us and allow the exchange of different cultures and their goods. Road construction has enabled the economy to become global. Lein recognized importance of investment in the construction and maintenance of roads, and had invested in companies engaged in this sector.

Investments in the real estate traditionally play an important role in the economy of Europe and beyond.

In addition to being a significant part of European GDP, it is important to emphasize that this sector employs a large number of people. This is why we have directed an important part of our operations to this business.

Healthy economy is in close correlation with sound and safe banking system.

Although banks do not directly create new wealth, their activities ameliorate the processes of production, distribution, exchange and consumption hence making the banking sector an effective partner in the economic development process. With this in mind, Lein made investments to one of the major banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina joining the ownership structure.

In pre-industrial society, man grew and traded food on their own.

Capitalization and development of urban areas led to the stage when fewer and fewer people remained engaged in food production. Today that has become less attractive economic avocation despite increasing worldwide demand for food. Lein made significant investments in this economy branch and today owns number of farms that numerically present more than 50% of pigs breeding capacity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lein trades fruit and vegetables internationally, including both purchase and sale across the globe.

Lein’s portfolio includes bananas, citruses and all kinds of vegetables. Trade activities include following countries: Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, China, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Education is a fundamental human right and one of the most important investments that could be made in order to secure prosperous future of any country.

Lack of quality education leads to high public consumption, personnel, health and economic growth deficiency. These reasons encouraged Lein to extend its activity spectrum to education and to get an ownership share in one of the largest private universities on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.


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